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A brief history of Kingaroy

Rural settlement of the area dates back to 1843 when one of the first selections was made at Burrandowan (west of Kingaroy) by squatter and explorer Henry Stuart Russell. Even though Russell was reputedly the first European to realize the potential of the South Burnett, it was Simon Scott and the Haly brothers of Taabinga who brought the first flocks of sheep to the area in the late 1850s. In 1878 the district where Kingaroy now stands was settled by the Markwell brothers.

When the first resumptions were made from the enormous Taabinga holding the brothers selected two adjoining areas and in 1883 these leases were converted to freehold and became known as the ‘Kingaroy Paddock’. The corner of this paddock was located on what is now known as Haly Street (the location of “Kingaroy Cottage Accommodation”). The arrival of the railway in 1904 led to a land explosion around Kingaroy and the development of Kingaroy as it now exists.

For more information about Kingaroy and the surrounding areas, please look at the map below and click on each pin point or follow this link to see the beautiful South Burnett.  https://youtu.be/nKeeEIMgorM

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